Easy to use

Gone are the days when booking a taxi was a Gordian knot! Now you can book a taxi easily via calling or by using a mobile app. It just takes a few seconds to book a taxi and start your journey. You just have to tap your fingers, scroll and touch on the My Taxi Ride Dispatch System between the screens and move according to the command.


Fully Customizable

Our White label booking engines give you an opportunity to customize your booking as per your needs. You can rearrange the order fields; prioritize terminal number and flight numbers as you like. To give an extra and creative touch, you can set a preferred color scheme or can create your own booking style exactly how you want them.


Powerful and Innovative

Our White Label Taxi Dispatch System is designed for both driver and passenger. It is quite powerful and innovative as well. This complete ‘Windows’ based system is designed by using c#, .NET and SQL technology and loaded with powerful technology to deliver high performance.  The system enables you to handle large fleet of vehicles and high booking numbers at the same time. With its amazing graphic performance, it allows the operators and customers to enjoy an ultimate dispatch system.

Online Booking

With the advent of the technology, E-booking has made everything easy! With a few clicks of the mouse, you can track the location of the driver or progress of taxi on an interactive map. You can adjust the booking screen as per your needs, which again provide extra dimensions to your booking conveniences.

The customers can simply log on to the web page of e-booking and enter the mandatory details. The complete details of the customers will pop up on your dispatch system, helping you to carry out your booking in an appropriate manner.


Instant Passenger’s Notification

The feature of passenger’s notification allows you to enhance the efficiency of drivers and reduce their waiting time. For example- when a driver reaches to an appropriate location, they simply press a button on the taxi mobile app to give a notification to the passenger about their arrival. The system will then notify the arrival of the driver on the customer’s phone. This saves time of both driver and the passenger, reducing the risk of someone else boarding the taxi.