Overview of My Taxi Ride Dispatch System

My taxi Ride is the No. 1 largest supplier of taxi booking and dispatch systems in the world.

Aims, goals and mission

Everything we do at is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We strive to deliver the best service possible for our customers. We are dedicated to securing our customer’s success 

How do we do it?

  • Understand: We have deep understanding of Taxi market and trends.
  • Technology: We possess the best technologies that are driven to provide bespoke solutions
  • Deployment: Best team to deploy sophisticated technology right to your fingertips.


The Company

  • Over 3 years experience
  • 150 full time staff
  • World’s market leader
  • 75% Market share

Access to:

  • 300 million clients world wide
  • Operates in 20 countries and 250 cities
  • Offices in 3 countries
  • Expanding


Make the Switch

Over 150 companies from across the globe have made the intelligent choice, isn’t it time you did?

30 Years of excellence.
The My taxi Ride system is the result of over 30 years of research & development & direct market experience. Over that period we have gained an understanding & knowledge of the industry, unmatched by any one of our competitors.

The world’s market leader
Experience attained from numerous installations across the world has made My taxi Ride the world’s market leader.

Research & Deveoplemt
Our research & development department is dedicated to creating & improving existing software & technology to give you the best possible service. Innovation is at the heart of every My taxi Ride system.

Dedicated to you
We have over 200 staff in place to ensure your company is running as smoothly as possible. Every element of My taxi Ride is dedicated to helping your company reach its full potential.

Driven by innovation
Innovation is what we are known for and what we stand for. And while you strive to grow your business, we develop the technologies you need for tomorrow.

In order to provide the best possible system for your business we are constantly searching for ways to improve My Taxi Ride Dispatch System. This is why we have comprised a large team of highly qualified software developers who create programs and modify existing modules within the My Taxi Ride Dispatch System. With some of the very best and multi-talented software developers and engineers we develop the finest processes and products.

Our pool of developers and engineers is over 75, each specialized in many different areas of advanced technology. This makes us more capable than any other provider to cater for all your business requirements. Customer feedback plays a major part in the development of our base software and our data terminals. We are providing the solution for your business and your needs dictate the specification of our data terminals.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers worldwide today!